Research Themes

Context-awareness and Personalisation

Against this background the Context-Awareness and Personalisation cluster research focuses on how context-awareness, personalisation and ontologies can be used to better serve users of the GUISET infrastructure which is by nature open and dynamic. This focus is sub-divided in to two complementary dimensions which are :

(i) the end-user perspective where the simplicity of access to and use of GUISET services is investigated,

(ii) the architectural perspective where the GUISET is seen as a large evolutionary system made of interconnected nodes of any type providing resources ranging from computational to knowledge resources. It deals with ontologies and metadata; Adaptation models and context-awareness; and reasoning under uncertainty and increasing complexity.

  Tools/Security challenges and Innovations Finding the appropriate Identity management model that supports single-sign on, selective authentication and authorisation of infrastructure entities and agents. Identity management is receiving a lot of attention under both Grid and Cloud computing. How should identity management be designed to reduce overhead in a scalable Cloud Infrastructure/Application integration environment?

A classification of possible GUISET attacks formulated as a well-articulated body of threat models. Characterising the usage scenarios of the GUISET Cloud or application Integration utility environment is yet to be done. Once that is done, possible attacks scenarios / threat models can then be investigated. Do catalogues for standard utility systems attacks exist and if yes how are they being mitigated? If not, how can one be put together along with corresponding countermeasures? Evaluate the suitability of such a catalogue for GUISET.

  Wireless Mesh Networks-WMS Innovations   The WMN cluster conducts research that aims to introduce autonomy into WMNs. Nodes should be able to dynamically adjust their setup in response to the prevailing state of the network. Several aspects of the provisioning of autonomy are focused on: Automatic Configuration, QoS, Energy-efficiency, and Security.