Students aim to promote smart driving


EVER been tempted to answer a call while driving? University of Zululand (UNIZULU) students may have the solution.

The SmartDrive Android App created by Computer Science students automatically detects when you start driving and holds any calls and messages.

A message is then sent informing the caller that the person is driving. Once the driver has reached his or her destination will they receive the notifications.

Unlike many other apps, the SmartDrive App does not use a GPS. UNIZULU Computer Science lecturer Pragasen Mudali says it is being enhanced to automatically distinguish between a driver and passengers so only the driver’s phone is subjected to the app’s interventions. “A project roadmap is in place for at least four future versions of the app,” Mudali said.

He added that studies show that enabling the hands-free feature (via Bluetooth) does not significantly reduce a driver’s distraction.

The SmartDrive App project forms the practical component of an Introductory Software Engineering course.