Prof Matthew O. Adigun , leads the Centre of Excellence in Mobile e-Services for Development; and also the current Head of department of Computer Science .  

Research interests revolve around Software Engineering for Grid-based and mobile cloud computing systems. His interest has recently focused on personalization and context-awareness properties of Cloud-driven distributed systems called, GUISET (Grid-based Utility Infrastructure for SMME-enabling Technologies). His current THRIP project along this line is titled “Ad hoc Mobile Cloud Use cases of GUISET”. Currently, Dr. Adigun is leading a TIA-sponsored project enabling his group to build a GUISET use case product called “Incubator-in-your-pocket”. His other interest are in Security of Defence Systems. Wireless mesh network application of ad hoc mobile Cloud infrastructure.

Researcher students

Centre's Alumnus

Prof. Matthew O. Adigun     
Mr. Mudali leads our Wireless Mesh Network cluster/group  
Research interests revolve around the energy-efficiency of Wireless Ad-hoc Networks. Specific attention is paid to the issues of energy-efficient network construction and maintenance for both home, commercial and military usage scenarios. I am currently leading a research group dedicated to investigating these issues in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks.  
Pragasen Mudali    
Head of Nongoma living lab project.deputy head of wireless mesh network cluster and also lecturer of the department  
My research focuses on automatic configuration and self-organisation in wireless and military networks.  
Bethel Mutanga    
Head of the Security cluster and also a lecturer of department  
My research focuses on Information security, Computer Networks, Service Oriented Computing and Cloud Computing.  
Paul Tarwireyi    
My research focuses on cloud computing ,web services and SOA   
Mba ,Ijeoma Noella She is the researcher and lecturer of the department  
My research focuses is on Cloud Computing. I am modeling the performance of cloud E-marketplaces based on costs and waiting time.  
Akingbesote Alaba Research of department  
Research interests revolve around spectrum decision making in distributed cognitive radio networks and Wireless mesh network security, auto-configuration and energy-efficiency   
Olukayode Oki Research of department  
My research focuses on  quality of service in wireless Mesh network   
Nombuso Sibeko Research of department and Lecturer of department   
Centre 's Administrative Assistant  
Miss Thabile Ntuli    
G.A Aderounmu is Centre research fellow and Prof Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria  
Prof G.A Aderounmu Research Fellow